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Tom Carlton

Tom Carlton

Arlington, TX


My journey into the world of art started at a very young age. My parents always encouraged me to create and were very creative as well. I was born and raised in south Florida graduating from Coral Springs High School. And then later from the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute. While I was in high school I dabbled with oils and acrylics. Mostly fantasy pieces that came out better than I thought they would. I did them mostly for fun but, I liked the response I got to the work that I had done. so I pushed myself further. I worked my way through art school manning the paper counter at Pearl Arts and Crafts. This helped me understand the importance of art supplies. Not to mention that it helped me pay for my school. Once out of school, I took my first true steps toward becoming a graphic artist. I worked for “Print Dynamics” in Fort Lauderdale, and stayed there for fourteen years. It was this job the taught me how to work magic on a computer. I also had a great group of friends that were game designers. They were more than willing to show me a few tricks on the computer that my school didn't teach me. After years of working with digital art. I needed to evolve once more. So I started a comic book called Stormshaper. I poured everything I had learned into this book. I honed my skills with a pencil and rapidograph pen, and learned how to use photoshop to color them. It took everything I had to make that one book. I still had no idea how to publish it, but I figured that part would work it’s self out. It turned into the perfect portfolio piece to land me a job as head comic book artist for “Bloody Mary Comics.” “The Tales of Bloody Mary,” was nationally published in 2005. The first series of eight comic books circled the globe. We took the books on the road and people seemed to really enjoy them. I decided to evolve my art once more, leaving my job to enter the realms of fine art as a painter. I now spend my time working on acrylic paintings and have been in many art shows and exhibits. As I evolve, so does my art. This is the road I have chosen and I will walk it until the end.


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